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Welcome to the Southern Cross Club

The Southern Cross Club is a social club for Aussies and Kiwis living in Denmark.

Our goal is to provide our members with a much needed network whilst living so far away from home. We organise random get-togethers and annual events that bring us together as a community and help keep people informed about the news from Denmark and Downunder.

You can also find us on Facebook

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We are currently not charging a subscription fee for becoming a member, so now's the time to jump in and become a member. Use the link below, send us an email request and we'll sort the rest out for you. Yes, it's that easy!

MembersWe would really like all members to get involved in the club and make it into something that is thoroughly enjoyable for young and old. Please feel free to contact us with ideas and events that you think might be relevant for the members.

Email us here!!

If the link doesn't work on your device, then send us an email at

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Dinner, AGM and Pub Evening 25 April

Thursday 25 April! Keep that evening free!

Venue: Trows, Vesterbrogade 125, who have kindly let us borrow their back room.

The plan is:
6 pm: Pizza for those who would like to come and eat together.
7 pm: AGM
After the AGM: Socialise. And we open the back room for other guests.

If you want to come for pizza drop us a line at We require a deposit of 50 kr to be paid by midnight Tuesday 23 April for those eating pizza. Details of how to pay will be sent to you when we receive your email. You'll get the 50 kr back, and in fact won't pay anything as the club will pay for the pizzas. The pizzas will come from Leo's and are Italian. We eat them in the back room at Trows.

AGM: If it suits you better come at 7 pm for the AGM. We'd like to know if you're coming, but you can also just turn up. You're welcome to send nominations for the committee. These and any motions to be taken up at the AGM need to be received at on or before Tuesday 9 April. New committee members would be very welcome. If you don't have time for that help to organise an event would also be welcome. But come to the AGM in anyway: you don't have to commit yourself to anything. We'll just be glad to see you.

Trows is a Scottish craft beer bar. Their motto: "Scottish Beers, Danish Hygge". We can take our own food in, but we're obliged to buy our drinks at the bar.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Club President

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Wild Kiwi Pie Lunch

The Southern Cross Club invites all members and friends to a Pie lunch at Wild Kiwi Pies on
Sunday 17th March at 12:00.

Wild Kiwi Pies​ is run by Stuart, from NZ, ​and they have just celebrated their 8​. year​s birthday.
For info about their pies etc. please see

The address is:
Toftegårds Alle 43, 2500 Valby.
​Public transport: Valby station is very close.

​To secure your seat we'll ask you to pay in advance 50Kr per person.
To say you're comi​ng, ​please send email to
Upon receipt of your email, we will advise you of payment details.
Please note that this is a pre-payment only to secure your seat, and you will get a full refund when we're​ at Wild Kiwi Pies.

​We'll ​provide a free drink for members of the Southern Cross Club.

We hope to see many pie-happy members and friends on March 17.

On behalf of the committee

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Australia Day & Waitangi Day Celebration

Australia Day & Waitangi Day Celebration

The Southern Cross Club invites Aussies, New Zealanders and everyone interested to come and celebrate a combined Australia Day and Waitangi Day.

We'll meet and have a dinner together on

Thursday Feb 1st at 18:00


Nha Trang Restaurant
Jesper Brochmandsgade 11,
2200 Kbh N

Nha Trang is a vietnamese restaurant with good quality and reasonable prices, run by Thang & Tuyet.
See more on:

To say you're coming, please send email to
To secure your seat we'll ask you to pay in advance 100Kr per adult; and 50 Kr per child.
Upon our receipt of your confirmation email, we will advise you of payment details.
Please note that this is only a pre-payment to secure your seat, and you will get the amount refunded when we're at the restaurant.
Also, there is a free drink for members of the Southern Cross Club.

We hope to see lots of happy people on Feb 1st, to celebrate the days. Also, this is a good chance for new members to meet with other Aussies and New Zealanders here.

On behalf of the committee

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An Australian Queen


The Southern Cross Club would like to invite you to a celebration of HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Crown Princess Mary becoming the King and the Queen of Denmark.

We will meet at 1 pm on Sunday 14 January 2024, at

Café Stefanshus, Stefansgade 22, 2200 København N

and together watch the festive occasion on the big TV screen.
The cafe serves drinks and food, so you can have a bite to eat or have lunch there if you like, and some of us intend to do that.
Members of The Southern Cross Club can get a beer/drink for free.
If there's enough members coming, we can get a separate room for ourselves.
We intend to stay there to about 4 pm, or as long as there is interest. This will also allow time for those going to the reception at the Australian Embassy.

This invitation is going out quite late, so please check on our website and/or on Facebook, for any possible late changes.
And we'd like to know in advance if you plan to attend, thanks.

To get there:
Metro: Nørrebros Runddel
Bus: 5C, 350S

On behalf of the Committee

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Happy New Year 2024

The Southern Cross Club wishes everybody a Happy New Year!
If you missed the NY fireworks at Sydney Harbour, or if you'd like to see it again, the ABC has it, here:

It is spectacular, as usual. And this year, more of Sydney Harbour is involved, and not just the Harbour Bridge.
Enjoy! ... with or without champagne ...


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