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Welcome to the Southern Cross Club

The Southern Cross Club is a social club for Aussies and Kiwis living in Denmark.

Our goal is to provide our members with a much needed network whilst living so far away from home. We organise random get-togethers and annual events that bring us together as a community and help keep people informed about the news from Denmark and Downunder.

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We are currently not charging a subscription fee for becoming a member, so nows the time to jump in and become a member. Use the link below, send us an email request and we'll sort the rest out for you. Yes, it's that easy!

MembersWe would really like all members to get involved in the club and make it into something that is thouroughly enjoyable for young and old. Please feel free to contact us with ideas and events that you think might be relevant for the members.

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Housing Prices

Least Affordable House Prices
New Zealand has the 6th least affordable housing prices in the world.
Denmark has the 10th.
Australia has the 11th.

Posted in News on 22.03.22

Cyclone Cody

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Please note that all events, including the AGM on 27 May, have been put on hold because of corona. We are working on finding out how we can start up again.

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PostNord has stopped all mail delivery from Denmark to Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand still delivers mail to Denmark, but with delays.

Australia still delivers mail to Denmark, but only by sea, not by air.

Posted in News on 17.05.20

Eva Karu

One of the Southern Cross Club's most longstanding members, Eva Karu, has passed away. Sincerest condolences to her family. I personally have many fond memories of her over the decades. Including one where her son won an air ticket to New Zealand at one of our parties, and immediately passed it on to his mother. And another when I was at a party in New Zealand where I was surprised to meet a Kiwi girl who spoke Danish! And who taught her? Eva Karu! The funeral will be held on Thursday 14 May at 1 pm at Mariendals Kirke, Frederiksberg.

Posted in News on 13.05.20